About Sarah Ennis


Member of many Irish international teams, Sarah is Ireland's top event rider with a HSBC World Ranking of 18th, bringing over 20 years of experience with horses to her job as a competitor, trainer, coach and an established CIC*** event rider.

Her first memory of riding is on her sister's Shetland pony Christopher, and it was not long before she was hooked. She progressed through the Ward Union and Howth pony clubs and the Irish Pony Society. All of this gave her a great basic training in all aspects of equestrianism. Her focus moved to pure dressage and at the tender age of 15 she was awarded a Bronze Saddle. Her continued success meant that she went on to win two more Bronze Saddles.

Throughout her youth, she gave her all to any sport or activity she took part in. The proximity to the water in Howth meant that she became a keen sailor, regularly racing her father's 17 footer 'Silvermoon'. She also enjoyed diving and is qualified to Divemaster level.

At 18 she went on to start her eventing career, and got selected for the European Young Rider Squad in 1996. Sarah has ridden for and trained with many familiar faces on the eventing circuit, including Yvonne Monaghan, Jannet Murray and Laura Glynn. More recently Sarah trains regularly with showjumping coach Ian Feron and dressage coach Ian Woodhead who help her keep her team of competition horses in peak form.

Her results speak for themselves: She is rarely out of the placings anytime she competes. The wins at CIC*** level particularly stand out and deserve a special mention: Johnson & Perrott Land Rover International Horse Trials at Ballindenisk in 2012 and Scarvagh in 2001.

Sarah has also qualified on various occasions for the World games, Badminton and Le Lion d'Angers, which is an unbelievable record for one individual. She brings this vast experience to every challenge.

However none of this success has gone to her head, and she is happiest starting out on a youngster or playing with her son James. The pair, along with her biggest supporter, husband and dad Niki, can often be seen in their favourite McDonalds or happily drinking hot chocolate for breakfast.